You must be very attentive to our terms and conditions before you proceed to purchase any product. Please first check the active “terms and conditions” that apply to all purchases of products. These terms and conditions can be applied if you decide to buy through our official website that is currently active for all parts of the world.

All those who decide to buy in our online store will check these terms and conditions, which are very well specified. In addition to the general terms and conditions that we have established, we also have some very important terms and policies in the “return policy” section.

The moment you decide to accept our terms and conditions, you will also be accepting the previously established return policy. All this is part of a legal contract that is binding between and each of the clients.

Information about the finest furniture in the UK and its products sold.

By the time you use’s official website, you agree to be bound by each of the terms outlined in our company. We make sure that all the information on our website is the most accurate and correct at all times. That includes all the descriptions of each of the available products, the corresponding images, and the prices of the articles.

If there is a damaged product, it is our full responsibility to arrange a replacement as a matter of urgency. As soon as you receive the ordered merchandise, we recommend carefully following the step-by-step assembly instructions. We will not be responsible for claims for any damage caused by incorrect assembly.

Acceptance of all ordered goods at the point of delivery

Deliveries will be made to the address you sent in a very specific way during the online ordering process. You must provide us with two telephone numbers (home and mobile), as well as an email address, to be able to contact you easily. You, as a consumer, are solely responsible for ensuring that deliveries can be guaranteed and delivered to the exact address that provided.

In addition, it is also up to you that you are available to accept deliveries at the time at the address and date previously provided. Try to inform us as soon as possible if you are not going to be at the established place to accept the delivery of the requested product. We will not be at all responsible for any delay in deliveries caused by any act or omission on your part.

If you are not personally available to accept product deliveries, you can assign any representative to do so for you. This assigned representative must be an adult capable of receiving the products on your behalf. You have the total right to have full confidence in all the representative’s instructions that touches you as if they were yours.

The personnel in charge of making the deliveries cannot leave any product that you have not signed. Therefore, you will be asked to sign the delivery document to confirm that the product has been delivered without a problem. That will not affect your legal right to notify us if, after delivery, you find a defect in the product.

About goods that are damaged

Before any product is damaged, defective, or missing; You can inform us directly to the email found on the official website of the online store. We recommend that you provide us with photographic evidence when you decide to report any failure or inconvenience. Another recommendation for you is to keep the product’s original packaging until it is time to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

  • You will be entitled to a full refund or replacement if any item is found to be defective.
  • You must remember that you can request photographic evidence of the failures or damages that you want to report to us.
  • Any package that is found to be damaged, you must report it immediately before packing; In addition, it must be retained for inspection by us.

When it has already been established that or the courier is directly liable for damage to the product, they will immediately replace it. Also, we can organize a collection of the goods to obtain a full refund that includes each of the amounts paid by you.

About the cooling period

You, as our customer, are entitled to a legal reflection period that begins the moment you place your order online or by phone. This period ends 14 days after the date you received the ordered product. And, as a recommendation, you can inform us in writing directly during the reflection period that you are canceling the contract.

If you have not received the merchandise by the time of cancellation of the contract and it has not been processed for delivery, you will refund all the money. This reimbursement includes what you paid for the merchandise and the shipping costs placed on the same form. The original payment you made for the purchase of the product is the one that will be refunded within 30 days after accepting a cancellation.

If you have not received the product when you cancel the contract, but the merchandise has been processed for delivery, you must reject it at the point of delivery. For these types of cases, a refund will be processed once the merchandise has been returned to us in its entirety. If delivery were made by the courier service we provide, this service would incur charges that exceed standard shipping charges.

We fully reserve the right to deduct these charges from refunds for each of your products ordered online. We will refund the product in the same form of payment that was originally used by you as soon as possible.

Delivery policy on ordered goods

This section of each of the delivery terms applies only to each purchase made on Once you place an order online at, a product confirmation email will send to you. This email will indicate an estimated delivery date for the products to the delivery address specified in the order.

We do everything possible to be able to meet the delivery dates that are already estimated. However, there will be times where we cannot meet. We recommend that our clients do not have some plan to accept deliveries until we can confirm the date. Our primary goal is to deliver your order within 30 days after you place an order.

Depending on the available stock and where you are living, orders can be delivered within 15 days. However, the merchandise is normally delivered within 30 days of the order (there may be a mutual agreement between you and us). Those “special order” products will take much longer to be delivered since they come directly from our suppliers.

In most cases, special orders are delivered within 45 days of the order being placed. If your order includes an additional product that is not considered a “special order,” we will make a separate delivery.

How do you cancel the orders?

If you wish to cancel a contract or order, you only have to inform us that you have made this decision. You can do this in writing or send an email directly to

We fully understand that some circumstances change, and therefore you have the right to cancel your product order. Any cancellation made on order during or after shipments may be subject to charges.

Payments, prices, and security

The total cost of the order you place in our online store will be reflected and debited on the credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. This final amount will be the full sum of the price of the items you have added to the shopping cart. In addition, the cost of shipping is included.

These prices already include taxes. However, if they are not included, we will notify you. If none of these conditions apply, an error has occurred in the system, and you are responsible for canceling all orders before confirming them.

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