As you browse the website, you can add the products you want to get to the cart.

When you decide to buy, this virtual cart will calculate the amount you must pay depending on the products added. As a final step, enter your delivery and debit, credit account information to complete the order.

It may be possible for you to make payments with credit or debit card. After entering this type of vital information and ordering the purchase, you will automatically receive an email confirming the transaction.

We have endeavored to invest in a series of security systems that can allow each of our clients to buy safely. So yes, it is safe for you to make purchases in any payment.

The first thing to do is to verify if an incorrect digit or erroneous data has been entered. If this is the reason, you will only have to modify and correct the error, and the card can accept payment.

Three essential things usually happen: the first is that you will receive an email confirming the purchase made. The second is to verify your data and that the ordered product exists in our warehouses (another email will send). The last step is when we have confirmed your data and the payment of the existence of the ordered product; we will get in touch with you.

This contact with you is via cell phone or email, motivated to fix the delivery date. This last step needs to be answered by you.

If a mishap occurs that causes the orders to be modified, you will only have to send an email to This email must explain the situation you find presenting or call the official numbers during business hours. It would be best to remember that the more time passes since the purchase is confirmed, the more complex the modification will become.

If you want to update the status of your order, you can send a direct email to with all your personal information. You must attach all the details of the order placed and wait for us to respond with the pertinent information that you need at the time.

We deliver everywhere in the UK – Scottish Highlands, Ireland, Isles of Wight, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and more. If the service is a little more restricted and you want more information, you can write to the email.

The cost of shipping each of the products that has available is calculated based on the postal code.